Q: What is Vivid?

A: A bunch of persons who, for reasons unknown, like putting text on screen so that thousands of other peersons* can have something to complain about.
The individuals responsible for this blasphemy are now mainly Xythar and unanimated. Everyone else mostly died or something.
There have been other individuals too, so check the projects to see who was responsible for them.

Q: Why is Vivid?

A: Because fansubbing is generally too much drama and involves working with incompetent and totally unreliable people.
So one day I, unanimated, suggested to another competent and reliable person, Xythar, that we should just do stuff on our own and save ourselves endless hours of fixing stuff after others.

Q: What is this Vivid trying to achieve?

A: We aim to keep putting text on screen while constantly being cursed by ridiculous people on terrible websites like 4chan and crymore.

Q: Why do you sometimes use honorifics and other times not?

A: There are 3 types of people who watch animu:
1. Those who hate honorifics and keep bitching about groups using them.
2. Those who can't live without honorifics and keep bitching about groups not using them.
3. Reasonable, sane people.
We (pretend to) belong in group 3. No, seriously... who cares about honorifics? Some shows will have them, others will not.
Shows set in Japan are more likely to have them than shows set in some other, weird or imaginary places, like America.

Q: Why don't you have a proper website?

A: We do. You're looking at it.

* That typo was totally unintentional, but since it makes perfect sense, I'm keeping it.